Outbox Games
Based in Paris, France

Founding date:
1 Janvier 2016


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Golem Rage


An indie tale adventure : Punch & burn your enemies to pieces, survive all levels to escape! Golem Rage is an original mix between a Beat-Them-All / Runner, for an arcade gamefeel. Discover our 54 hardcore levels, 11 unique enemies, beat them with 6 attacks and remember the only objective : finish the level as fast as you can!


Before Golem Rage

We're a group of young french-belgian indies, around 25 years old average ! We first met & worked together for 18 months on a project which was never released in the end. Classic mistake : a too ambitious 4-player tactical asynchronous RPG for mobile devices.
But we learned. A lot.
So when we had to decide what was next... We realized we truly liked working with each other, and we wanted to continue. To take our chance, and create something we really like, because we were better.
Golem Rage was born ! In theory.
Then, we worked and sacrificed a lot during 20 months to achieve the result we have today, and finally be ready to show it to the world. It's been a crazy ride.

Golem Rage

Original & rich gameplay
- A unique combination : runner & beat-them-all gathered for non-stop arcade fun !
- A Golem with 7 attacks, versus 11 enemies with unique AI patterns : 54 (very) different levels, for a great replayability. (4-7) hours of gameplay
- Targetting midcore gamers, with a great hardcore potential to complete the 100%

Universal tale & beautiful cartoon art
- An original mix of 3D (space and physics) and 2D (beautiful & quickly readable), for a unique visual identity
- A beautiful worldmap to explore, which dynamically evolve with your adventure
- Fairy tales meeting french strip cartoon humor : lots of mainstream/geek references & inside jokes, creating a fun universe for both kids & adults.
- 4 fully composed main themes, declined in 20+ soundtracks

Golem Rage is a fast beat-them-all mixing time racing, and more or less bashing everything that stands in your way. 'Cause you're a wooden Golem, half stupid, half warmachine, but fully lovable. You don't know why you were created, and now you're just looking for a place feeling like home.
The game consists in short levels, with very different enemies, in various formations, trying to stop you. From the basic disposable soldier to the Berserk, the Time Mage, and many others !
The only objective : finish the level and escape !



Our cartoonish trailer!  YouTube

Selected Articles

  • "Definitely the best runner-brawler we've seen in a couple of years"
    - Harry Slater, PocketGamer
  • "A visually stunning amalgam of styles"
    - Rob Funnel, TouchArcade
  • "Near perfect controles, awesome visuals, witty story"
    - Noen SnappZilla, Snappzilla

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Ivan Zucchelli
Game/Level Designer & Project Manager

Michel F. Portzert
Lead Developer

Axel Pépin
Lead Artist

Matthieu Couturier

Julien Bellanger
Sound Designer

Matthieu Robert
2D Artist

Chloé de Crépy
2D Artist

Cyril Vandermeulen
Technical Artist


Ivan Zucchelli

Based on presskit() by Rami Ismail ( Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks